December 24, 2023
From Internationalist 360

Journalists for Sale co-hosts Max Jones and Diego Ramos speak with Sam Husseini about invoking the Genocide Convention against Israel, and the superiority of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) compared to the International Criminal Court (ICC). They also discuss the potential role of Israel in the Kennedy assassinations, and analyze why Israel is almost never mentioned in conspiracy theories about Kennedy’s death.

They Call It “Genocide” — But Don’t Invoke the Genocide Convention

Sam Husseini: To Stop the Genocide, Protest Actions and Demands Must Change

How Many Children Did You Kill Today by Your Silence and Inaction?

Why the World Court, Not the ICC, is the Right Place to Try Israel for Genocide. The Genocide Convention Must Be Invoked!

The International Commission of Jurists Appeals to the International Community: Invoke the Genocide Convention

International Appeal to Invoke the Genocide and Apartheid Conventions to Protect the Palestinian People

Daniel Machover: “States Must Invoke the Genocide Convention at the International Court of Justice”

Israeli Soldiers Executing Women and Children While the World Refuses to Invoke the Genocide Convention

Predicting Pestilence

Israel and the Kennedy Assassinations