October 26, 2023
From Fight Back News

Denver students walk out in solidarity with Palestine. | Fight Back! News/staff

Denver, CO – On October 25 at 11:30 a.m., approximately 150 students, led by the Denver Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), marched out of their classrooms on Auraria Campus in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. Student protesters staged a speak-out and rally at the former home of Zionist war criminal Golda Meir.

At that monument to genocide, student activists were met with a small group of Zionist counter-protesters, These reactionaries wore shirts in support of the Kach, an incredibly racist national Zionist party that on occasions attacks Palestinian protesters. They started laughing and dancing while pro-Palestine protesters accused them of furthering genocide, and further, the Zionists declared “All Palestinians are animals.” The SDS and all other protesters stood strong in the face of this Islamophobic and genocidal rhetoric, continuing their rally.

Despite counter-protesters, the rally could not be stopped. Joined by the Auraria Muslim Student Association (MSA), the Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA), and concerned students, protesters far outnumbered Zionists. The masses of students stand with Palestine.

After a few speeches calling for the liberation of Palestine, ending aid to Israel, and shaming extermination-like actions by the Israeli occupation forces, protesters marched to the Jordan Student Success Building (JSSB). Support for the resistance grew along the way as passersby students cheered on the march and joined the protesters.

At the JSSB, the speak-out continued, with speakers directly confronting the aid being sent to Israel by Auraria universities. Students yelled up to the office of Janine Davidson, president of MSU, who is responsible for university funds being spent to further a genocide rather than provide education.

Furthermore, speakers took issue with Auraria’s deep relationship with Lockheed Martin, a weapons manufacturer that produces arms used to slaughter Palestinians. Auraria is apparently so ashamed of its relationship with the corporation that, when activists filed a CORA request regarding Lockheed’s involvement on campus, they were met with a non-disclosure agreement. Students deserve their tuition money spent on faculty, campus workers and courses, not secrecy and arms manufacturers.

After the second round of speeches, students marched back on the Golda Meir house. Upon arrival, Zionists played music on loudspeakers to drown out activist voices and had gathered more forces; however, the occupation supporters were no match for mass student power.

Students continued to lead passionate chants in support of the resistance. These cries for liberation far overshadowed the snarky dancing and racism of the Zionists, who continually attempted to utilize the police to silence pro-Palestine protesters. Efforts to use the police proved fruitless as the protesters presented incredible restraint despite being verbally, sometimes physically, assaulted by Zionists.

Regarding physical violence by the Zionists, some of the perpetrators were guided away by police from the event. Unsurprisingly none were given charges, and they were allowed back into the protest.

After more than two hours, SDS organizer Paul Nelson wrapped up the event with a call to action, stating, “Under a genocidal occupation, there are only two sides. Join an organization; because a failure to take action to support and fight for liberation means that you are siding with the oppressor.”

The SDS vowed to continue fighting for the liberation of Palestine and encouraged protesters to attend a rally at Denver’s capitol on Sunday and to follow the Colorado Palestine Coalition for more updates on future actions.

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Source: Fightbacknews.org