November 3, 2023
From Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism

Since the 7th of October 2023, during the Al-Aqsa Flood battle, the zionist occupation has proceeded to transfer prisoners and detainees to an unknown location, notably including the Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Leader Ahmad Sa’adat and his comrades, as well as the prisoner leader and intellectual Walid Daqqah, who is suffering from a severe health condition. Moreover, the occupation forces are carrying out an arbitrary arrest campaign targeting released prisoners and resistance fighters from among our people in the West Bank. 

In this context, the Office of Martyrs, Prisoners, and Wounded for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issues a call through the media, all social media platforms, international human rights and humanitarian institutions to break this silence which makes them a fundamental partner in all these crimes. It is inconceivable that the lives of prisoners remain constantly threatened by these fascist and Nazi gangs. We fear that our prisoners may become martyrs due to the torture and deprivation inflicted by the zionist prison services, depriving the prisoners of their most basic rights guaranteed by all international and humanitarian laws and conventions.

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