October 26, 2021
From Liberation News

As the Party for Socialism and Liberation, we condemn in the harshest terms the brutal military coup that took place on October 25 in Sudan and the subsequent repression and arrests by the Sudanese military forces. 

We stand in full solidarity with the people of Sudan and the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) in their resistance against the coup.

We fully support the call by the SCP and the Sudanese Professional Association for a political strike and for the people to take to the streets in civil disobedience to stand against this power grab by the military forces opposed to the movement for change that began in 2018. 

This coup is a desperate effort to stop the process of transition of power to the people of Sudan and their legitimate representatives. We are confident that the mass protest movement which SCP is a crucial part of will emerge victorious against this reactionary coup.

Long live the people of Sudan and their resistance!

Long live the Sudanese Communist Party

Source: Liberationnews.org