December 17, 2023
From The Left Chapter

Today we are looking at a folder of panoramic postcards of Kiev, Ukrainian SSR that were released in the lead up to the Olympic Summer Games held in the USSR in 1980.

Published prior to the ludicrous western boycott the cards are in several languages including English. These games were ultimately boycotted by the United States and other western countries (including Canada) ostensibly to protest the Soviet Union sending troops to aid in the defense of the Saur Revolution in Afghanistan. It is always worth remembering that the great stand taken in support of the obscurantist religious fanatics who, sadly, did eventually defeat the revolution with the Taliban coming to power, has not aged terribly well.

There are many amazing views including of the Central Sport Stadium, of huge new housing developments, of the view of the Dnieper from Vladimirskaya Hill, the Dynamo swimming complex and much more.

We have also included the folder’s English language blurb about the city.

Festival of Sports in the Central Stadium

Rusanovka — one of the new housing estates

The Shevchenko Opera and Ballet Theatre / Ukraina Palace of Culture

Dynamo Swimming Pool

Kreshchatik – Kiev’s main street

Monument to Lenin / Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR

View of the Dnieper from the Vladimirskaya Hill

Museum preserves and monuments to ancient architecture

Melnitsa Restaurant / Kureni Cafe

The Shevchenko State University / Monument to Shevchenko

Lybid Hotel / Slavutich Hotel

Olympic Champions