October 25, 2023
From Socialist Worker (UK)

A crowd shot of students at Bristol illustrating a story about students walkouts for Palestine

Students walk out for Palestine at Bristol university

Hundreds of students walked out at several universities on Wednesday to show their solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. 

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Stop The War Coalition Scotland called a national day of action on Wednesday.

This was backed by the Socialist Workers Student Society (SWSS), which organised protests and walkouts at short notice.

In Glasgow around 300 students marched around the campus and took to the streets of the city. Students held a banner that read, “Stop the siege of Gaza.” 

Around 200 students took part in a walkout in Edinburgh. At St. Andrews University, the protest swelled to 200. Protesters held signs that read, “End apartheid now,” and, “Stop Israeli terror.”  And another 50 people joined protests at Aberdeen University. 

Meanwhile, students at universities in England also took action—including 200 at Bristol university. SWSS member Damien said, “It went really well, even though we didn’t have that much time to prepare. But it was bigger than our last walkout. 

“We had some speeches at the start, which got people riled up to have a march. Even when we got to the end of the march, students wanted to keep on going. Students kept chanting for another hour and a half after the march had finished.” 

Damien added that university bosses have been trying to tell students not to attend the walkout. “We have received pushback for organising the march,” he said. “Students were sent an email by the university condemning our protest.

“We know they aren’t on our side, but if anything, it’s made us more determined to keep organising.” 

In Manchester, students targeted the Graphene Institute, which does research that contributes to the manufacturing of bombs and drones in Israel.

Up to 150 students marched at Warwick University and planned to organise more protests in the coming weeks. 

At Soas university, around 100 students rallied despite facing intimidation from university bosses earlier this month. Following a protest organised by students, the university suspended four activists, including a member of the Palestine society. Students also rallied outside Imperial College in London. 

Students in universities, colleges and schools should continue to push for protests and walkouts that bring even bigger numbers out onto the streets.  Trade unionists should follow their lead and organise walkouts and protests at their workplaces when Israeli ground invasion begins. 

Source: Socialistworker.co.uk