October 11, 2021
From In Defense Of Communism
In a statement issued on 9 October, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) refers to the Kurdish Issue, stressing out that it must be analyzed from a
class perspective. 

The full statement of the TKP is the following:

“A small segment of the population in
Turkey possesses enormous wealth, while millions of people are
struggling with poverty and unemployment.

The happy minority consists of the
bosses, the large landowners and the parasitic rich off rent. As
workers, laborers, and poor peasants work, this segment grows richer,
accumulating more and more profits.

There are millions of Kurdish citizens
among the poor of this unjust system of exploitation in Turkey. Kurds
are mostly poor, just like the citizens of other origins.

There are also Kurds who exploit others
in this country. Kurdish factory bosses, large landowners, moneylenders,
contractors are part of Turkey’s happy minority.

The interests of the Kurds who exploit
and the interests of other exploiters are one and the same. They want
the continuation of the unjust order, they look for new profits, and
seize every opportunity to become even richer.

And the interests of the exploited, poor
and unemployed Kurds are one and the same as those of the other poor
and unemployed: This order, which is the source and cause of
inequalities, must change.

The Kurdish issue can only be properly
discussed in the light of this fact and the path to the solution can be
understood on this basis.

The main issue in Turkey is the
existence of the bosses on the one hand and the workers on the other;
the capitalist class on the one hand, the labourers on the other; the
rich on one hand and the poor on the other.

This is also the main issue of the
world. At the core of all sorts of tyranny, injustice, coups, wars,
corruption and environmental destruction, there is the capital, which
sees nothing but making more profit.

The Kurdish issue must be analyzed from a
class perspective. The claim that the exploiting Kurds and the
exploited Kurds have a common interest is a big lie. Those who have a
common interest are the workers, the unemployed and the poor of all

The Kurdish issue is an issue of equality.

The Kurdish issue is also an issue of
freedom. There is no legitimacy to a conception that ignores the Kurds’
own language, identity, and even their existence, or enforces on them
their disappearance, dissolution, and submission to another identity.

The thesis that a nation, a people is
superior to another and that it deserves certain privileges, is a lie
kept alive to draw the curtain over the inequalities in the world, to
make the poor hate and even strangle one another for the benefit of

Nationalism, which played a progressive
and liberating role in the past periods of human history, has long been a
weapon in the hands of the exploiters as a whole and without exception.

One of Kurdish or Turkish nationalism
cannot be preferred to the other. There is not a single region left in
the world where a nation can be liberated as a whole without making the
distinction between the exploiter and the exploited. This is true
whether it is in Catalonia, Palestine, Corsica, Ireland or Turkey.

Nationalism gives rise to more
nationalism. For example, Greek nationalism and Turkish nationalism feed
each other. A similar fact applies to Turkish and Kurdish nationalism.

However, although they speak different
languages and have different origins, the interests of all the oppressed
are common. For example, when a Palestinian poor and a Jewish worker
working in a factory in Israel join forces, the reign of imperialism,
zionism and the hypocritical Palestinian rulers who benefit from the
“Palestinian problem” start shaking.

The Kurdish issue cannot be resolved in
an order where the exploiting Kurds stand on the same side with other
exploiters or negotiate to increase their share.

The rulers in Turkey need the existence
of the problems that divide the population so that the working people do
not struggle together. The enmity of the oppressed against one another
for the continuation of this order has unfortunately always worked so
far. The discrimination that develops over the languages, identities and
assets of the Kurds not only divides the workers and laborers, but also
ensures that the Kurds facing oppression also stay a cheaper labor

A similar process is now taking place
for migrant workers. Hostility towards immigrants mostly benefits
employers who hire immigrant workers who are afraid to seek their rights
and are almost enslaved.

The fact that the Kurdish issue was
boxed in identity debates also benefited the bosses the most, and
moreover, the framing of the Kurdish issue in this context turned into a
great opportunity for the exploiters of Kurdish origin.

Kurdish bosses have managed to get rich
from the ”Kurdish issue”. However, for millions of Kurds, life today
means nothing but poverty and unemployment.

It can’t go on like this.

There is no freedom if there is no bread.

The interlocutor in the Kurdish issue is
all the working people living in Turkey, the public. There is no
problem that our working people of all backgrounds cannot solve with a
common will and a common struggle.

The claim that the Kurdish issue can be
solved by sitting down with the owners of an exploitative order has no
bearing. There is no benefit to the Kurdish people from those who are
hostile to labor, science, art, women, the Republic and the environment.

The line to be drawn is not between the Turks and the Kurds but between the exploiters and the exploited.

The people can unite on this basis. The
common enemy is imperialism, international monopolies, “domestic”
monopolies and the bosses.

The mentality that ignores the Kurdish
people, forces them to deny their own existence and oppresses them has a
great responsibility in the fact that some Kurds in this country have
come to rely on the great international powers. It is also a shame of
all of us that we have not been able to stand up strongly against this
mentality and this unjust order as a whole.

The way to correct this shame is to stand up together against the exploiters for our common interests.

We are not in the same boat.

Imperialism is on the opposing side. The
capital class is on the opposing side. The sheikhs and reactionaries of
all kinds are on the opposing side.

Turkey will ensure fraternity, unity, equality and freedom by defeating the opposing side.

There will be no Kurdish issue in
socialist Turkey, with their creative energies, Kurdish and workers from
all different origins will all together establish a social order in
which no one exploits anyone.”


Source: Idcommunism.com