February 11, 2024
From In Defense Of Communism

mass farmers’ protests that are taking place in many European
countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and
Greece, prove that the policies followed by the EU and the anti-popular
governments, such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the
“green” transition, have caused acute problems of economic survival for
farmers and stockbreeders.

Rural incomes have been hit by the huge
increase in production costs, which are high to ensure the monopoly
superprofits of the business groups, such as those in the energy sector,
while the burdens of the imperialist war in Ukraine are being shifted
onto the popular strata.

Big traders, big agri-business and
finance, making superprofits due to CAP market and trade rules, plunder
toiling farmers and force them to sell their products at very low
prices.Moreover, due to capital concentration and the consequent
restructuring, the survival of toiling farmers is called into question.

The European Communist Action expresses
its full solidarity with the just struggle of the farmers in Europe, who
see the fruits of their labour being stolen by the monopolies, big
traders, bankers, in other words by big capital.

The toiling farmers are right. In
addition to food production, small farmers play a vital role in
providing rural employment. That is why we now need to strengthen our
solidarity with their struggle for the immediate satisfaction of their
demands, particularly those related to the improvement of conditions for
direct producers, rural workers, as well as consumers. For the
retrieval of lost income, reduction of production costs, tax-free fuel
for agricultural use, full compensation for natural and other disasters,
guaranteed minimum prices, no involvement in imperialist wars and
interventions, etc.”


Source: Idcommunism.com