December 18, 2023
From In Defense Of Communism

The 21 MPs of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) voted against the
2024 budget proposed by the New Democracy government, which increases
taxation on the popular strata in order to increase the profitability of

During the debate, the MPs of the KKE lambasted the
government’s draft budget, highlighting its anti-labour and class
character in favour of businessmen, and demanded increases in wages and
pensions and the abolition of anti-popular taxes. 

They also denounced
the government for the country’s involvement in the imperialist war in
Ukraine and the massacre of the Palestinian people by Israel.

At the same time, militant workers’
rallies against the new anti-popular budget were held in Athens,
Thessaloniki and dozens of other Greek cities on Friday 15 December.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, took part in the rally outside the Greek parliament in Athens and made the following statement:

“The struggle against the anti-popular
budget is not only being waged inside the parliament; the real struggle
is being waged in the workplaces, in the universities, in the
neighbourhoods, in the streets, and here tonight inSyntagma square. This
is where the people’s consciousness and the correlation of forces can
be changed, and where the just cause is fought for the income and the
tax relief of the workers and the self-employed, for the labour rights
of our fellow human beings, for public health and welfare, for
education, for all the contemporary needs of the people. There is only
one dilemma: it is either their profits or our lives.”