September 19, 2023
From The Red Phoenix

Published by Democratic Way, Morocco. Translated by Sofia D. for the Red Phoenix. Statement of the AMDH.

“Let us turn the tragedy of the earthquake into a moment of universal solidarity.”

“Stand against greedy maneuverers and profiteers.”

“We offer our condolences to all victims and to the Moroccan people.”

“We give our condolences to the men and women injured.”

On the night of Friday, September 8, 2023, Morocco learned of a painful tragedy, when the earthquake violently and repeatedly struck the cities and streets of Morocco, leaving behind a living human cost, with thousands dead and wounded, whose final number has not been counted, and the remains of houses, apartments, and collapsed buildings which became rubble in a matter of moments.

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights stands silently in tribute before the souls of the victims, and raises the warmest condolences and grief to their relatives and to all the women and men of our country.

We know the pain which follows the wounded and those who fled the earthquakes, only to be left out in the open, lacking shelter or refuge.

It praises the solidarity and support to the victims shown by the Moroccan people.

It notes the effort made by the public authorities, and calls on them to increase its pace, and generalize it to all locations affected, alleviating the impact of the painful event which befell us, in all corners of the country.

It notes the alarming extent and effect of the earthquake, so it addresses all officials, and demands:

  1. That they deal with public opinion with the utmost transparency, by exposing the full extant of malpractice in the remnants of the earthquake, whether, on the one hand, the victims are really victims of the earthquake, or whether it comes down to the character of the dwellings and crumbling buildings; therefore it is necessary to reveal all the technical data which was behind the speed of the collapse, it is necessary to know if there was a flaw in its engineering, or in the method of its construction, or even a lack of oversight in the construction work or the materials used.
  2. That they hasten to create an urgent plan to allocate sufficient financial resources to fulfill all the needs of the victims. With these, it must guarantee to restore the homes of the widows, children, guardians of the deceased, and all those who lost their homes. It must provide these with full dignity, and meet their social needs, such as psychological examination and follow-up therapy, schooling, transportation, and access to all basic services.
  3. That they establish an official legal framework under the supervision of the Prime Minister to repair infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, canals, etc… in order to relieve the suffering of the citizens and quickly give them peace of mind.
  4. That they compensate all of the victims and their relatives for all of the damages and losses, with full equality and without discrimination, nepotism, or exploitation.
  5. That they repel any exploitation of this human tragedy, and resist any activity aiming to capitalize off this catastrophe on the backs of its victims.
  6. That they take care of the children and offspring of the victims, and make sure they are completely protected from neglect, homelessness, and the dangers which might face them.

So on the occasion of this disaster and its repercussions, we call on all human rights, civilian, trade union, political, women’s, youth, and professional groups, to volunteer by the side of the victims, and contribute to supporting them, to provide what is necessary to give them dignity, and to understand their situation and alleviate their pain.

Executive message from Rabat on September 9, 2023

Moroccan Association for Human Rights

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