September 29, 2021
From Fuck Yeah Marxism-Leninism

In typical New York Times fashion, its morning newsletter tries to build a complex justification for why Democrats are preparing to sell popular programs needed by the masses down the river, instead of just admitting that this is what they always do. 

It’s the Democratic Party’s role in the two-party system of capitalist rule to promise things to the workers and then betray them to please their true masters: the super-rich. – redguard

“An overwhelming majority of Americans favor government action to reduce drug prices, but that policy may not be included in the final bill. Tax increases on the wealthy are also very popular, but it is unclear how many of them will make it, either. The same goes for a proposed expansion of Medicare to include dental, hearing and vision coverage.

“It is even possible that the entire bill — which would expand pre-K, community college, Medicare, Medicaid, paid family leave, child tax credits, clean-energy programs and more, while significantly increasing taxes on people making more than $400,000 — will fail. Yet polls have consistently showed it to be popular, more so than some past Democratic priorities, like Bill Clinton’s or Barack Obama’s health care bills. And if this bill fails, Democrats are likely to enter next year’s midterm congressional elections looking divided and unable to govern.”


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