February 8, 2024
From Internationalist 360

Vanessa Beeley
From Tehran – Seyed Mohammad Marandi discusses the imminent decline of U.S. allied hegemony and the global humiliation of Israel

The Syrian Ministry of Defence issued the following statement (translated from Arabic) on the U.S. attacks carried out at dawn on the 3rd February:

Today at dawn, the American occupation forces launched a blatant air attack on a number of sites and towns in the eastern region of Syria, near the Syrian-Iraqi border, which led to the death of a number of civilians and soldiers, the injury of others, and the infliction of significant damage to public and private property.

The area targeted by the American attacks in eastern Syria is the same area where the Syrian Arab Army is fighting the remnants of the terrorist organization ISIS. This confirms that the United States and its military forces are involved and allied with this organization, and are working to revive it as a field arm for it, both in Syria and Iraq, by all dirty means.

The aggression of the American occupation forces at dawn today has no justification other than an attempt to weaken the ability of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in the field of fighting terrorism, but the army that was able to defeat various terrorist organizations over the past years will continue with its steadfastness and its principle of defending Syria’s land and people and striking all organizations no matter how hard they try. Its sponsors and supporters hinder this goal.

The occupation of parts of Syrian territory by American forces cannot continue, and the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces affirms its continuation of its war against terrorism until its elimination and its determination to liberate the entire Syrian territory from all terrorism and occupation.

While the U.S. claimed it was targeting Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) positions, the reality is that the casualties were civilians, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) forces and PMU (Iraqi Resistance factions). In other words, the targets were the enemies of U.S. proxy terrorist group, ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

As promised, here is the conversation with Tehran Professor and geopolitical analyst Seyed Mohammad Marandi.

We discuss everything from the failure of the U.S. shock and awe bombing campaign that has only strengthened the Resistance resolve in Iraq and Syria to expel illegal U.S. military from both nations.

Marandi argues that Israel has been humiliated globally due to its genocidal campaign against Palestinians and that it cannot survive without the support of the West, also in sharp decline.

We talk about Iranian relations with Iraq and Pakistan, recently affected by Iranian strikes on Mossad and terrorist bases in both countries. We cover the potential for a suicidal Zionist invasion of southern Lebanon and the preparation by Hezbollah for just such a scenario.

And much more…


Source: Libya360.wordpress.com