December 8, 2020
From Party Of Communists (USA)
Triumph of the Cuban Socialist Revolution
Thr triumph of the Cuban Revolution

by Pedro Martínez Pírez

The most recent US provocation against Cuba, in the final days of Donald Trump, uses the name of a saint, San Isidro, a neighborhood in the municipality of Old Havana. But this led to a massive and overwhelming response in the centennial Trillo Park of the municipality Centro Habana, where thousands of young revolutionaries denounced the interference of the United States government.And there was the Cuban president, engineer Miguel Díaz-Canel, who asked the young organizers of the event, to reaffirm the decision of the Cuban government to reject the imperialist pretension to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.The act of revolutionary reaffirmation was preceded by extensive information
disclosed by the Cuban television that demonstrated the fallacy of the group that calls themselves the San Isidro Movement, funded by the United States government, with proven participation of the Yankee Chargé d’Affaires in Havana, as well as statements by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the highly discredited OAS.The subversive action financed by Washington was also denounced these days by Minister Bruno Rodriguez and other high officials of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

In his improvised words at the Trillo Park event, Díaz-Canel said that Trump’s government and the anti-Cuban mafia in Miami that support him dreamed of the overthrow of the Revolution before the end of his term, but they could not break the dignity and resistance of the Cuban people.Diaz-Canel’s presence on the spot, in the midst of the provocation that seeks to divide the Cuban society, recalled one of the actions of Commander Fidel Castro, who on the 5th of August 1994 dissolved with his presence and his word a demonstration counterrevolutionary in front of the Deauville Hotel in Havana, also encouraged by the United States government.

And searching in José Martí’s work for a thought that would reflect the Yankee manipulation through social networks and money to certain young and antisocial Cubans, who are have lent themselves to disavowing the patriotic symbols, they do wrong- the Cuban Apostle said- the young men who entertain themselves by biting into the virgin breast with the poisoned teeth of the Fatherland”.

This is how the final days of a Yankee administration are spent, refusing to recognize defeat, and to cease his interference in the internal affairs of his southern neighbor.

Havana, November 30, 2020.

* * *

What is happening in the San Isidro Movement in Havana?

There is a hunger strike. So far 13 people have joined in a house located in Old Havana. Many of them are people in socioeconomic unfavorable conditions unfavorable, do not work or have a criminal record.

Why the hunger strike?

They are demanding the release of Denis Solis, who is associated with terrorist groups in the United States and is currently being punished for the crime of Contempt for confronting the Cuban police in the past few days.

Who are these terrorists and what have they done?

Willy González, Kiki Naranjo and Jorge Luis Fernández Figueras have been giving indications to the San Isidro Movement from the United States. All three are released and pending trial before the Cuban courts for crimes previously committed on the island. Throwing Molotov cocktails and setting fire to public establishments no matter who they may damage. If they are on hunger strike, why do you see supplies entering the house?The idea they have is to entertain their contractors by generating social dynamics of
civil disobedience and ungovernability, as reflected in the CIA manuals in the so-called “Non-violent struggle”. They say that they are on hunger strike, but on their direct internet sites we see them bringing in water, unprocessed food such as rice, sugar, beans, peas, coffee and peanut kernels, as well as beer and other supplies.

They don’t let them out?

Of course they let them out! They can go anywhere they want. But they prefer to barricade themselves to attract attention.

These activities are performed by subjects who desperately try to paint a pacifist picture. This is the preamble of those images that we lived in during the so-called guarimbas in Venezuela, where young offenders were financed to carry out acts of vandalism, arson, even lynching revolutionaries from that country who were burned alive in the middle of the street in order to frighten the population and generate total chaos.