March 12, 2022
From In Defense Of Communism

More specifically, a recent post by the WFDY reads: 

“Finally, after 6 days without any news, we have received an update on the situation of comrades Kononovich. 

-They are arrested in a pre-trial detention centre in Kiev. 

-They have been beaten badly many times. 

-They still are alive.  

Let’s continue struggling for their freedom”.

Since then, numerous Communist Parties and Youth organizations from all over the world have demanded their immediate release. 
With a question submitted to the High Representative of the EU for Foreign
Affairs Josep Borrell, the European Parliament Group of the  Communist Party of Greece (KKE) denounces the arrest of the two members of the Leninist Communist Youth Union of Ukraine and demands from the EU Commission to express its position on the issue of anti-communist persecutions in the country. 

We urge all comrades, all readers, to address their local Ukrainian Embassies/Consulates demanding the immediate liberation of Kononovich brothers.