September 4, 2021
From In Defense Of Communism
Tamila Yabrova, President of the Union of Communists of Ukraine, editor-in-chief of the journal “Marxism and Modernity”, passed away on September 3rd. Her death was announced by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE).

Yabrova was an economist who fought passionately against the
counter-revolutionary process in the Soviet Union which led to the
restoration of capitalism. She participated actively in the “Marxist Platform of the CPSU” movement and in the effort for the re-organization of the communist movement in the territories of the USSR.

Since 1991 she was the leader of the Union of Communists of Ukraine, while in 1995 she started publishing the theoretical journal “Marxism and Modernity“.

From the very beginning she supported the effort of the
International Meetings of the Communist and Workers’ Parties, which
began on the initiative of the KKE and actively contributed to the
debates, which were held in support of the struggle against opportunism
and social democracy, for the revolutionary revolution. movement.
She also supported both the establishment of the “European Communist Initiative” and the “International Communist Review”.