January 18, 2023
From In Defense Of Communism
PCV is in the streets, fighting for the construction of the broadest
unity of action to confront the offensive of capital and its allies in
Miraflores,” affirmed Janohi Rosas, member of the Political Bureau of
the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Venezuela, during a
press conference this Monday.

The statements coincided with a new
national day of protest by the education workers, who had planned to
gather outside the Ministry of Education but had to concentrate in the
surroundings of the Central University of Venezuela after the National
Government ordered a last minute partisan act to avoid the protest.

The popular response was thousands of
teachers marching towards the center of the capital to demand the
dignity of the profession and the restitution of the violated rights.

The workers not only face “the effects
of the capitalist crisis and imperialist aggressions, but also the
anti-popular policies of the Maduro government,” said Rosas.

Since the restart of classes, the
Venezuelan teachers have been in the streets demanding decent salaries
and last Sunday, Teachers’ Day, the Executive tried to mitigate the
discontent with a bonus and disqualifying the mobilizations as
destabilization attempts.

“The world upside down: they label the
workers and the PCV as extreme right wing for demanding rights and the
one who sits down to negotiate with the reaction is the Government of
Maduro in Mexico”, affirmed the National Secretary of Organization of
the PCV.

Rosas informed that the party of the Red
Rooster held this weekend a National Plenary of Education Workers in
view of the urgent need for organization, mobilization and defense of
the historical conquests of the sector.

Presidential Annual Report and Account was a pantomime

For the PCV, President Maduro’s Annual
Report and Account was rather the presentation of inflated figures that
are encouraging for the capitalists and that do not reflect the daily
reality of the Venezuelan people.

The message presented before the
National Assembly “shows the complete disconnection of the President
with the daily life of the working class that in the face of this is
organizing to fight for their just demands.”

“The PCV complied with not going to that
pantomime and, as we have always done, we remain on the side of the
working class and in defense of the struggles that have been
developing”, he added.

Government detained sidoristas to neutralize the protests in Guayana

The PCV expressed its solidarity with
the workers of Sidor and of the basic industries of Guayana, who for
several days kept protesting for wages.

“We know of all the deterrents used by the Government to divert the objectives of these protests”, said Rosas.

“What did the National Government do? it
arrested Sidor workers; it harassed union leaders and established a
negotiation table to propose again wage bonus measures”, he added.

Solidarity with the Peruvian people

The Communist Party sent a message of
solidarity with the struggles of the Latin American people, “very
particularly with the Peruvian working class that is the victim of a
brutal repression that has left in recent days more than 40

“Today a State of Emergency has been
imposed that intends to contain the struggle for elections and a
National Constituent Assembly”, explained Rosas.

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Source: Idcommunism.com