January 18, 2023
From International Socialists

Warehouse workers fight back


Wednesday, February 1st | 6:00 pm est 3:00 pm pst

Trinity St Pauls Centre | 427 Bloor St West and zoom



Ibrahim Alsahary, Organizer with the Montreal based Amazon Workers Committee

Ritch Whyman, Hamilton based Teamster and labour organizer


The increasing use of e-commerce to distribute goods has led to a massive increase in the numbers of people working in distribution warehouses and as delivery drivers. These workers often endure terrible working conditions. But many are organizing to fight for decent work and fair pay. From the Amazon union drives to the victories by warehouse workers at HBC and Keuhne+Nagle, warehouse workers are finding their collective power.


Join us for this forum to discuss the campaigns and how we can help beat the bosses and support workers power. 


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Source: Socialist.ca