August 6, 2023
From Internationalist 360

Ollantay ItzamnĂĄ
Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS, visited Guatemala and evaluated both presidential candidates.

In March 1954, the U.S. government promoted and organized the X Summit of the Organization of American States (OAS), in Caracas, Venezuela, with the objective of punishment of the Guatemalan National Revolution (1944-1954).

Two months after that Summit, where the Guatemalan Foreign Minister, almost in tears, asked for the non-intervention of the US military in his country, the constitutional president of Guatemala, Jacobo Árbenz, was violently overthrown by mercenaries in the most humiliating manner
 Before expelling him from the country, he was exposed in his underwear at La Aurora International Airport
 That legendary man died in misery abroad.

At that Summit, Guillermo Toriello, the Chancellor of Guatemala (later called Chancellor of Dignity) was the only one who voted against that OAS Resolution that “abolished” the principle of “non-intervention” and opened the doors to bloody US interventionism (coups d’état) in the continent of Abya Yala.

The US argument to overthrow the Árbenz government was: “communism threatens the peace of America”.

70 years later, the OAS, with Almagro, returns to defend democracy in Guatemala.

President Alejandro Giammattei pledges support to the TSE before Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS.

In August 2023, month of the Pachamama in the Plurinational Abya Yala of the South, Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the OAS, is received in Guatemala as if he were a medieval Consul of the Roman Empire.The second round of elections will be held on August 20. In this context Almagro, the criminal of the massacres of the coup d’état in Bolivia, 2019, arrives as the “great redeemer” for Guatemala.To prepare the arrival of Almagro/OAS as the redeemer to the Central American country, the Creole State and its oligarchs created the basic conditions.They installed and manipulated in the imaginary of the people fears and desires such as: “The State is dying because of corruption”, “democracy is in danger”, “our institutions are dying”, etc.

In fact, the bicentennial State of Guatemala was and is constitutively corrupt/corrupt. Democracy never existed for all (the demographic majorities were never in government, nor did they occupy public office). But, with these and other falsehoods, Guatemalans are frightened, exploiting the constant collective anomie in which they subsist. And of course, there is no collective anomie without selective amnesia, and these necessarily cause collective “self-defeat” and neo-phobia (fear of change).
Banishing plurinationality from Guatemala and the continent is the only way to achieve this.

Banishing plurinationality from Guatemala and the continent

In recent years, Guatemala has begun to promote the proposal of a plurinational State through a process of Popular and Plurinational Constituent Assembly (ACPP). It is being promoted by indigenous people and peasants.

They even created their own political organization, Movimiento para la LiberaciĂłn de los Pueblos (MLP), to participate in the elections and materialize the plurinational State.

In the 2019 general elections, the MLP came in 4th place at the national level. But, this organization, in an unconstitutional manner, and before the silence of the “current defenders” of Guatemalan democracy, was excluded from the 2023 general elections, and legally annulled.

At present, the North American attack against the proposal of plurinationality has already succeeded in removing the MLP from its path, in addition to “distancing” from the plurinational bet ancestral authorities, Mayan and mestizo leaders and intellectuals who at some point “flirted” with the idea of plurinationality.

Now, many “plurinationals” receive with applause (if not as an act of contrition) the North American Consul sent to “sweep away the proposal of plurinationality”.

What were the results of the OAS/US presence in Guatemala in these 70 years?

Guatemala was not only a political-military laboratory for the perverse trials of US interventionism, such as what happened in 1954. It was also a biological laboratory. In Guatemala’s Central Penitentiary, the US government inoculated hundreds of Guatemalan prisoners with syphilis and gonorrhea to test the results of its drugs.

70 years ago, the US/OAS overthrew the project of the National Revolution led by none other than Juan José Arévalo, father of the current presidential candidate of the Semilla party, Bernardo Arévalo, under the promise of: development, security, democracy and institutionality. If one looks in the rearview mirror at this short history
, what one sees is a bloody path, full of misery, hunger, contamination, dispossession, racism, tyranny, corruption

  • 70 years later, a country that is a world leader in child malnutrition (8 out of 10 children under 5 years of age are malnourished).
  • A world power in socioeconomic inequality as a result of neoliberal plundering.
  • A starving country, where there are more helicopters than birds flying in the air.
  • A small country, where dignity and sovereignty, as well as rights, are too far away for the great majorities.

But, the worst legacy of this unredeemed crime of 70 years is the providentialist spirit (waiting for the arrival of the executioner as a redeemer) that inhabits Guatemalan society, fruit of anomie, intellectual self-censorship, self-defeat of “revolutionaries”, fear of structural changes. The perverse gringo who inoculated the fear of communism, now  inoculates the fear of plurinationality.

In 1948, the medical administrator of the Central Penitentiary of Guatemala, Dr. Robles Chinchilla, after the inoculation of venereal diseases to Guatemalan prisoners, wrote with gratitude to the North American doctor of the Public Health of the USA, John C. Cutler: “Our eternal gratitude for the noble and gentle way in which you have alleviated the suffering of our prisoners” “You have been a true philanthropist”.

This sums up the grim history of the 70 years of the U.S. in Guatemala.

Why do politicians, governors, priests, bishops, intellectuals,  journalists, ancestral “authorities” prostrate themselves before the executioner of Guatemala?

In haste, priests, bishops, indigenous self-appointed ancestral authorities, went out to meet Almagro.

I already referred to the inoculation of syphilis, the fear of communism, and now, the rejection of plurinationality
In 2018, D. Trump, president of the U.S., called “shitholes” the countries that, like Guatemala, send him thousands of migrants daily as slave labor to sustain both economies.

In spite of all this public information, why do Moors and Christians, masters and slaves, learned and laymen
, prostrate themselves before the executioner of the Americas? Everyone will have their own answer. The only certainty is that these actions are as lethal as the actions of the executioner. And no matter how much the genuflectors repent and make acts of contrition post factum, the damage is suffered by their descendants.