June 2, 2023
From Workers.org


Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan, an intersex Workers World Party member, declared her candidacy for Seattle City Council, District 3, on May 25. Her campaign as an official write-in candidate is breaking new ground in the struggle of oppressed genders for representation, visibility and for socialism.

Abandoned and orphaned, and a victim of brutal gender-based abuse, Morgan has been oppressed since her early years. Morgan explains that she was born fully a boy and fully a girl, with genitalia of both sexes.

Intersex, like transgender, is a natural part of the human experience, but there are important distinctions between the two. (isna.org) Intersex people are estimated to make up 1.7% of the world population (United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights), which equates to over 5 million people in the U.S.

Like trans people, intersex people are subjected to bullying, hate, violence, discrimination and more mistreatment under capitalism. Morgan wants to “open closed doors and see intersex people treated as human beings.”

The WWP candidate has many years of experience fighting capitalist bigotry and exploitation on multiple fronts. Declaring her hatred for an Amazon-influenced Seattle leadership, which has caused the eviction and dislocation of many working-class people, Morgan said, “I want Seattle to be a socialist city.” She pointed out: “We have never had a mental health system in Seattle. We demand a large public mental health facility with counselors and therapists.”

Morgan wants to extend and expand a tax on big companies like Amazon to provide vital services, including free public transit and affordable social housing. As one who has marched with Black Lives Matter against police murders, Morgan demands, “Defund and abolish the police!” and “Stop the brutal police sweeps of homeless camps, because without housing people die.” Her campaign calls for “full comprehensive rent control with no loopholes.”

Morgan was active in the Capitol Hill Organizing Project (CHOP). which resulted in the cops vacating the local police precinct. She is a board member of Capitol Hill Pride and a member of Social Outreach Seattle. As a person who is partially of Ukrainian descent, Morgan has marched to protest the U.S.-led proxy war against Russia, saying the U.S. is using Ukraine as a political pawn, and accuses the Ukrainian leadership of specifically attacking intersex lesbians.

One reason Workers World Party participates in the electoral process is to foster unity and solidarity of the whole working class among all ethnicities, nationalities, cultures, communities, genders, sexualities, disabilities, religions and age groups. This is based on the view of working-class and oppressed people being the constellation of forces aligned against the monopoly capitalist ruling class.

For those who live in Seattle Council District 3:  Write in Asukaa Jaxx, Morgan’s legal name, during the primary election Tuesday, Aug. 1.

Source: Workers.org